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Hi! I rediscovered another attention catcher – keeper. See if it helps you…


I located these four power words in the post I first wrote to share them with readers like you. The post offers attentionology tricks to help students apply SRRR for self-assessments.

Today’s Attentionology Traveler isn’t so much for students though; it’s for me and you. By the way, how are YOU doing?

I’ve had a rough week. My car needed some major (expensive) repairs and my daughter’s been sick. I am acutely aware that a huge number of people around the world have problems far more severe than mine; I know that we all bump into rough spots.

When times get tough for me or I feel as though my head is spinning from too many simultaneous changes, challenges or pressures, I reach for

Focus attention on power words.

power words to…what else…empower me!

I call up stop, review, reflect, renew in my mind, and that action allows me to gain some objectivity and begin to handle the problem.

The sequence is important:

Step 1: STOP It’s hard to stop when you’re speeding through a day. Just put yourself on pause and take some deep breaths. Try to break away for a minute. When you come back to what you need to review, pretend you’ve never seen it before.

Step 2: REVIEW I find it helpful to begin a review with a set of questions. (A business owner taught me this) Write the questions to suit the subject. Here are six basic Qs: 1) What’s my goal? 2) What do I already have to reach it? 3) What do I lack? 4) How will I get what I need? 5) What steps will I take to reach my goal? 6) How will I know that I’ve accomplished it?

Step 3: REFLECT The review you’ve done becomes data to reflect on. Turn reflection time into an action plan that benefits from new insight.

Step 4: RENEW I like the positive feeling in the word renewWalking through the four steps that make these power words work can energize and enable us to manage difficult situations and move on!

My daughter’s better now, thankfully, and my car’s fixed and ready to drive to school come Monday. Hope you and I have a good week ahead!

Traveling on…

Barbara ♥ The Lovable Poet


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