The Magic Hat – Mid-Week Focus – Good News!

Hats off to teachers…it’s time for Mid – Week Focus!

Mid-Week Focus is all about quick and easy ways to approach teaching to keep kids on task in any instructional setting.

Let’s share insight and practical ideas. Let’s blend fun with function, and LET’S GET THE GOOD NEWS OUT to the community ABOUT THE GOOD WORK TEACHERS ARE DOING with their students and schools!

Eileen Batson knows how to get an A+ for Good News Online!

Meet a good news expert, Eileen Batson, shown in my blog pic here.

Eileen works with individuals, including educators, business owners, authors and artists to help them be well-known, well thought of and well-remembered.

Eileen could easily design a bulletin board for teachers with the header: Get an A+ for Good News!

More about Eileen’s good work in a while. First let’s check out the pointers she shares below.

Eileen is this week’s guest blogger on Attentionology.

According to Eileen, sending good news benefits students as well as schools and communities. Teachers that have a little know-how, set aside a little time to prepare good school-related news and make their students aware of the effort, model pride in achievement and community-mindedness.

Eileen picks it up here: getting the word out about how creative and community-minded your students are sets them up with a strong foundation for their future.

While there are a variety of ways to control online presence, one of the best ways is through well-written and distributed news/press releases.

Here are some pointers for writing a better news/press release for publication online and in print media:

  1. Ensure that your story is clear and engaging. This is not the time to write “sales copy.”
  2. Your headline should be brief, accurately summarize the content of the news release, and be search engine-friendly.
  3. Write in the third person and use an active voice – Replace a passive phrase like “ABC Cupcakes has been selected for recognition for contributions to their community by the Cupcake Federation of America” with an active phrase such as “the Cupcake Federation of America selects ABC Cupcakes for recognition.”
  4. The first paragraph needs to answer the five key Ws: who, what, where, when and why.
  5. Paragraph # 2 and # 3 should contain additional details about your story, plus a quote from someone involved in the story who can explain what this news means to you, your students and school.
  6. Proofread! Proofread! Proofread! There is nothing like grammar and spelling mistakes to make you lose credibility. Here are a few tips:

• Read your release aloud. Rewrite sentences that are clumsy and difficult to get through.

• Have someone else read it. A second set of eyes can reveal what you missed.

• Read your story backward. It’s easy to miss errors when you read conventionally.

  1. Be sure to follow the correct format and include all contact info so journalists can follow-up with you.
  2. To get journalists’ correct contact information be sure to read their articles online and in print publications.
  3. Embed your releases when you send your emails to the journalists that you’ve selected to contact. Journalists have no time to open attachments.

To wrap up, releases can announce a range of news items, including scheduled events, personnel promotions, awards, accomplishments, etc. Reporters are more likely to consider a story idea if they first receive a press release.

Great information, Eileen; thank you! Eileen will be back with Get an A+ for Good News, Part 2.

As a publicist and owner of Batson Group Marketing and PR for 25+ years, Eileen Batson consults, holds workshops, and speaks on public relations, social networking, marketing and blogging.

She is currently on the Board of Directors for Women’s Power Networking and Co-Organizer for their Crabtree Chapter in Raleigh, NC (US). Martin Brossman and Anora McGaha selected her chapter on public relations for inclusion in their book Social Media for Business. Eileen lives in Raleigh with her husband, award-winning author and publisher Jon Batson. Visit Eileen at

What will be under the magic hat in coming weeks?

What’ll be under the magic hat in coming weeks?

YOU can help decide by scrolling down and leaving a comment about topics you’d like The Magic Hat -Mid-Week Focus to address.

Check back with Attentionology for K – 5 Teachers again soon,

Barbara ♥ The Lovable Poet

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