About Barbara Cleary ♥ The Lovable Poet

Writing and teaching in her own name and as The Lovable Poet, Barbara has taught poetry day programs and Poetry Odyssey and Story Odyssey residencies to elementary, middle and high schools in the Triangle region of North Carolina, US, since 2001.  As of winter, 2013, Barbara has taught over 16,475 students and provided teaching resources to more than 665 teachers and media center directors, working with The United Arts Council of Raleigh, NC/Wake County’s Artists in the Schools Program in the US. To address the growing challenge that teachers face holding students’ attention in instructional settings, Barbara began publishing her blog, Attentionology for K – 5 Teachers in spring, 2010.  Concurrently she is offering “attentionology” teacher training workshops and writing a related classroom management resource.

Barbara has led Pre-school Programs and Family Workshops for the North Carolina Museum of Art since February, 2008.  Her workshops merge writing with visual arts.

Since 2005, Barbara has also entertained and inspired adult residents of Triangle, NC area clubs, professional groups and retirement communities with her theme-based Poetry Parties and Writing Workshops.

Barbara is the author of numerous published poems, including Cold Hands; a play, A Wreath For Snowball; a column and teaching ideas in Instructor and she is the writer/producer of The Daily Conservationist radio vignette that aired in eastern North Carolina from 1992 – 2002.

Barbara’s experience in broadcast media is diverse.  She originated and produced TeachNet which aired on The North Carolina News Network in 1991 and 1992.  Barbara also wrote and produced a Theme Song, Take A Moment And Teach, for an educational campaign of the North Carolina Pediatric Society that aired on WNCT-TV in 1991 and she co-hosted Carolina Today on WNCT-TV 9, Greenville, NC in 1979 and 1980.

Barbara’s love of animals is evident in her writing and work with children and adults. One of her creative K – 5 teaching tools, “Petey, the pug-nosed poetry pup,” has a zipper full of poems on bones.


10 Responses to “About Barbara Cleary ♥ The Lovable Poet”

  1. Vicky L McGee Says:

    Ms. Cleary,

    My grandson, Eli S at Penny Road Elementary wrote a poem when you were there titled “Namaste.” He said you wanted a copy of it and I’ve been trying to find contact info for you.

    If you would like a copy, please reply to my e-mail address.

    Thank you.
    Vicky L. McGee

    • jessie Says:

      hey it’s me jessie I am in mrs.yenner’s class room and i didn’t get time to tell you this but you are a great writing teacher and you always will be! i just wanted to thank you from what you have done and some day I wish i could have you back again!
      your friend,
      jessie cacioppo

  2. Tadina Says:

    Hi Ms. Cleary,

    I would like to mention one of your blog posts on my blog. Specifically the picture of you holding a puppet on your post about puppets. My blog is about teaching Spanish in early elementary and the blog post is about using puppets in Spanish class. If you are ok with me reposting on my blog sspanish.blogspot.com, please reply to my email address.


  3. stephanie Says:

    Ms.Cleary I’m Stephanie from 3rd grade at penny road Elemantry school . After writing about my cat Charlotte it made me feel very excited for carnival .i hope you remeber me . i will never forget you.

    your friend ,

  4. stephanie Says:

    ms.cleary its me again im from ms.foster class everyday i make poems

  5. Adam Says:

    It is me, Adam From Wake Forest Elementary and im in Mrs.Alexander’s class.
    I want to say that you’ve inspired me to write a book which in I will talk to my parents about getting published.

    Thanks for coming to WFE,

  6. Abby Says:

    That is a great idea

  7. Jordyn Figur Says:

    Hi this is Jordyn! I made you a poem on Tuesday! I really enjoy having your classes you are a great poet!

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